Minifigure Habitats

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If you like the habitats that you have seen Windy City LUG build, you can build a Minifigure Habitat of your own! This building genre has been gaining in popularity in the community and for good reason! They’re simple and fun! If you decide to make one, tag us using @windycitylug on social media!

Just follow our step by step instructions to build the basic frame. It is best to get an idea of what kind of habitat you want to build first and then pick colors to match. If your going to have a Minifigure in your habitat, then think about what kind of habitat that Minifigure would want to live in and build around that. The possibilities are endless! Once you have a 3 built, on your own or with friends, you can start stacking them to make a great display piece like we do at our shows!