Letter from the Editor

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Hello and welcome to the launch of Building Builders Up, the blog of Windy City LUG!

Located in the Chicago area, Windy City LUG (WCL) was founded by a group of like-minded LEGO builders. The goal was to create a LUG (LEGO User Group) that focused on supporting each other and spreading creativity for its members and beyond. Less than a year from the creation of WCL, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and we quickly became a social group that couldn’t be social.

Undeterred, we shifted to being active online. Meetings, build challenges, and social hangouts known as ‘build and chats’ became virtual, but we still weren’t helping the larger community. We weren’t building builders up. Until now.  

First and foremost, the Building Builders Up (BB↑) staff and contributors understand that the pandemic has had major effects for many, some of us included. We know that building with LEGO is at most a happy distraction, and we support all those who are currently struggling around the world as a result of the pandemic. We hope the content that we create will at least give a moment of happiness to you all, but we also hope it provides inspiration to builders and non-builders alike.

As we navigate these difficult times, remember that progress and LEGO work the same way: one step or brick at a time.