WindyCityLUG (LEGO® User Group) is a group dedicated to bringing together like-minded people with a common interest in LEGO in the greater Chicagoland area. 

The goal is to help grow creativity and build a community within the group. We encourage creative play and within our communities through classes and shows. 

As a club, we build individually and as a group. We display our MOCs (My Own Creation) in our community through venues that book an event. We serve the community that is approximately within 50 miles of Schaumburg, IL. All of our shows are open to the public. Come see our creations, ask us questions, and learn new ways to be creative with the brick.

The 3 building blocks of WindyCityLUG


Each LUG member is encouraged to use their skills to develop other builders by teaching them new creative skills and sharing their knowledge.


LEGO is what brings us together but lasting friendships is what develops. LUG members are encouraged to be friendly in all interactions and develop friendship with others.


The creative skills of all the members combined is what pushes us to achieve more, learn more and do more. Our drive is to be constantly creating in our own uniqueness with the brick we love.

Our Blog

Welcome to Building Builders Up where the name says it all. This is a collection of tips, tricks, thoughts and ideas compiled by some of our favorite AFOLs. The content is to help, and inspire fellow builders.


Windy City LUG (WCL) prides itself in its participation with communities. WCL’s goal of helping builders and supporting creativity allows us to engage the public with a broad variety of activities. From public shows to instructional classes, WCL’s membership provides a broad range of skillsets that can be utilized in a variety of ways.


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